Five Ways to Travel Differently

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In the past, traveling included an airplane, hotel, museum visits and dinner reservations, but that’s no longer the case! Those rules have been tossed to the side as we make way for more interesting and unique experiences. With these different ways to travel, you can customize your perfect trip according to what’s important to you. Here are a few of our favorite unique ways to travel.

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1. Stay Local

If you haven’t tried AirBNB yet, we’re begging you to! It’ll give you a more local experience. Choose your neighborhood, price point and room type and book the spot of your dreams. If you’re staying in a shared home, you’re bound to meet some really great people too.

2. Eat at Home

Well, at someone else’s home really. is a company that allows you to dine in someone else’s home for a night. Chefs range from professionally trained chefs to experienced home cooks, but either way, they’re passionate about cooking and entertaining too. Best of all, the acceptance rate of chefs is only 4% so you know you’re getting something truly amazing!

3. Food Tours

This is especially great in cities where the cuisine is totally different than what you get at home. Or heck, maybe you’re just a foodie and want to eat the best in town. Not only will it give you a range of different delicious tastes, but it’s a unique way to explore a new city.

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4. Local Guide

Locals know best! Your typical tour bus will be dropping you off at all of the tourist hot spots with loads of other people. Hire a local guide to show you their favorite things in the city and get a totally different experience. Chances are some of the touristy things are their favorites too, but they’ll know which ones are worth skipping.

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5. Open-Ended Ticket

Don’t be bound by a planned schedule, book a flight in and figure out where you want to go as you travel. Whenever we’re traveling, we always hear of other great spots we should try that are nearby and have missed out because of our set-in-stone agenda. Obviously, you’d need a little more time for this one!


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