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Liz Adams is the blogger behind Sequins and Stripes, a fashion & lifestyle website packed with chic wardrobe inspirations and a unique flair for making personal style attainable. Dare we label her “America’s Sweetheart” when it comes to blogging? Yes, indeed we do, and that’s because we know her personally and can attest that her fabulousness shines far beyond her style. Read on for insight into what’s been her biggest asset in growing her blog, and what she thinks about a little tattoo that she got on a whim in college. 

liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur

Who or what inspires you?

Travel, the outdoors, my peers, family and friends, a cozy coffee shop, graphic design, creativity, a good to-do list, photography, music – I’m constantly inspired!

liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur

What’s your approach to fashion? How do you look at clothing as a means of expression?

Fashion for me is about investing in the classics, being comfortable, not giving into trends, and visualizing the life of my personal style. I don’t think of fashion as a form of expression, I think it all depends on how my outfit makes me feel. I always strive to feel confident and like myself in what I’m wearing!

liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur

Beyond fashion and styling, what are your other creative pursuits?

I love to cook; it’s my favorite way to decompress after a long day. I enjoy reading and writing and I still need to take a photography class but I hope to be more knowledgeable of the subject in 2015.

What’s been your most exciting or memorable life experience? How has that fueled your creativity?

I would say getting engaged and married to my husband Dave. Although it doesn’t have a direct relation to my work, it really made me open my eyes to the future of Sequins & Stripes – what I want, short term and long term goals, and seeing S&S progress as we become a family.

liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur

What has been your biggest asset in growing your blog and business?

Quickbooks! And social media.

How do you use creativity in entrepreneurship?

I think the creative industry is thriving right now. It is amazing to meet other young entrepreneurs and dream up ways to collaborate or create stories that are fresh and original. I think every entrepreneur has to be creative – we all start at zero and figure it out as we go.

liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur

I’ve always had this bizarre fascination with jelly fish. The way they move through the ocean so freely has always felt really majestic and beautiful. When I graduated from college my mom gave me this paperweight with a note that said “go out and explore the ocean.” {Ocean meaning the world.} It’s always been a special reminder on my desk to dream big, be fearless, and go after what I want.

Who have you learned the most from and what was the most important lesson they taught you?

My mom always told me “confidence is the best accessory” and it’s so true.

What do you strive to be better at?

Being more patient.

You’re stranded on a desert island for 1 year. What are you wearing?

A great pair of jeans, an easy white tee, a blazer, and ballet flats.

liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur

My most cherished possession has to be my polar bear. His name is Poley and I got him the day after I was born from one of my parent’s random friends at the time. He is now sort of like a pancake and needs to be sewn up in places but I love him just as he is.

What do you feel is the best way to channel creativity?

Take a break from your phone and experience life’s moments for yourself.

Above all, what do you love most in life?

My family and friends are everything.

liz adams, sequins and stripes, fashion blogger, wandeleur

Oh this tattoo. A spur of the moment decision between classes my senior year of college. It had been a tough year personally and I decided that I was going to do something completely out of character to prove that I didn’t always have to be who everyone wanted me to be. It’s now faded and grey and really needs to be touched up or removed but it’s a reminder of how I felt in that moment. And when I look down at it now I see myself then and think about how I really do love this stupid tattoo – it makes me feel brave.

What does being creative mean to you?

Being original and true to yourself.

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What a fun interview! I heart Liz and one of the first blogs I found – love hearing about Poley, her tattoo (who knew?!) and the Jellyfish paperweight 🙂


I really enjoyed this! I loved that you asked a great combination of standard and unique questions. It made for a really fresh and fun interview.

Landis Marie Fraser

Liz is one of my favorite bloggers. Her personality truly shines through, she is not fake at all, and I think that is what I love most. Plus she has a great sense of style. I love the story of her tattoo. “Confidence is the best accessory” is so true and something young women struggle with and need to be reminded of everyday. Thank you for sharing her story!

The Kentucky Gent

Her home office is TOO cute, and it has me wanting to spruce mine up a little.

Also – she sounds like a female version of myself, especially cause of the cooking bit. Although, I don’t know if I’d be dubbed a “sweetheart” or not.

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

Mallary Whitsitt

I normally don’t comment on blogs but it’s scary how similar we are. This is my first time reading about you but I have the same tattoo in the same spot and I have the same “Mr.Bear” who I’ve had since the day I was born and has been sewn back together just like that. I love your style and look forward to following your posts!


I have a bear I got the day I was born named “Bunky Bear” he’s had his eyes sown back in and is missing all of his fur, but I love him just the same. I’ve also got a tattoo that I got on spring break. Some days I wish it wasn’t there, but it reminds me how far I’ve come from the place I was. 🙂

26 and Not Counting

Callie Wnuk

I check Liz’s blog every day … It’s one of my favorites! Where is the hot pink “over dress” print from!?


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