Best. Idea. Ever. (Or, How To Be A Killer Idea Generator)

We’ve all had that moment. You know, the one where you’re in a conversation and suddenly stop all who are involved with a loud proclamation of, “WAIT. I have an idea!” It’s like everything else in the world pauses and you simply have to ramble off your thoughts or you may just explode. 

Having that moment on a regular basis is a great thing. Why? It means you’re a killer idea generator. 

Yes, you are a special one. Rare, even. You’re one who is filled with inspiration, knows how to tap into it, and has the courage to say your idea without pause or fear of rejection. 

The truth is that great ideas can be hard to muster up or recognize, especially if you’re a little out of practice. For those of us who could use some guidance (and, let’s be honest, most of us can) we’ve put together some ways to tap into your ability to generate ideas so that you too can have those wonderful “Ah-ha!” moments on the regular. 

Wind on a train_How to be an idea generator


Don’t Hold Back

It’s easier said than done, but often we’re our own worse enemy when it comes to thinking outside the box. We think about restrictions or setbacks before we even bring a solution to the forefront. Note to self: Don’t be that person. If you have an idea, say it, even if in your mind you know that there are major hurdles to be jumped. You never know what will warrant others helping you jump those hurdles, and often, it’s the ideas that are squashed internally before they have a chance to be heard that are the best.

Write It Down

As soon as you have an idea pop up in your mind, take note. It doesn’t have to be a full explanation or need to be all worked out. It just needs to be documented, because sometimes ideas are fleeting and can leave as fast as they came. Writing it down will help you remember when you’re scratching your head later thinking, “What was it that I came up with earlier?!”

Pay Attention To What Sparks Ideas For You

Are you driving in the car with the windows down? Maybe you’re drowning out the world with headphones on. Or, perhaps you’re quietly doing a yoga pose or taking in the scenery on a walk. Whatever that situation may be, pay attention to it and try to repeat it as much as possible. Though ideas can strike anywhere, there are ideal settings for most people that can help to set you up for success.

Build, build, build

Great ideas are all around, which can make it hard to feel like yours are original. The important thing to keep in mind is that everything can be built upon. Make sure that you’re always looking at situations with that in mind, which will automatically lead you to a fresh perspective on things. Many times, all it takes for an idea to be good is to see the situation from a birds-eye view and build off of a strong foundation already established.

What other ways do you practice being an idea generator? Are there tips and tricks that you’ve found that work? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Marti Magna

I like to use the Evernote app I can email a note or picture to my evernote and when I have time it’s all there.


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