Five Home Décor Trends to Experiment with This Fall

Hi guys! I’m Alyssa, your new Nest editor here at Wandeleur and I’m so excited to get into all kinds of décor and design goodness with you guys. A little about me: I spend my weekdays as a home editor at Good Housekeeping magazine, where I help package content, style shoots and dream up DIY projects our readers will love. Weekends find me wandering the flea or farmer’s market, cooking for friends or rearranging yet another corner of my apartment. And here at Wandeleur is where I’ll be bringing you trend pieces, creative ideas for entertaining, fun DIY projects and lots more—plus of course, anything else you’re interested in seeing! Got an idea or request for me? Shoot me an e-mail at — I’m all ears!

Now onto today’s inaugural post (yay!). As much as we may all be wishing for an endless summer (trust me, I feel you on that one), fall is on its way, and with it comes the instinct to cozy up our homes—a cable knit throw here, a few extra candles there—as a way to transition into the season. But where to start? Sure, if someone handed me an unlimited budget I would go all out (hellllooooo luxe velvet couches!) but reality looks a lot more like a limited budget. To help point the way, I’ve rounded up five trendy, easy and accessible (meaning you’re not hyperventilating as a friend slugs Merlot on your very $$ new cowhide rug) ways to infuse a comfy, cozy fall environment into your apartment or home. Let’s do this!

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Lay down a Persian Rug

You’ve probably seen Persian rugs popping up all over Pinterest lately—and for good reason. They’re a great way to infuse a space with a little vintage charm and often come in a variety of shades to suit any palette or décor style. Think of these guys as the colorful, fresh update to the Moroccan Beni rug obsession that has been around for a while. You could go all-out and invest in a large-scale version, but I particularly love when they’re laid out in front of a reading chair or at the foot of a bed (like above, which is also how I have mine styled!). The best part about styling them that way? You often won’t need a very large-scale rug—and there are plenty of great options for smaller sizes on eBay and Etsy (hint: if you search “Persian prayer rug” you’re more likely to narrow in on the tinier options!).

Go Green All-Year Long

The 70s are back—at least when it comes to houseplants. The decades-past trend of living literally surrounded by ferns, trees, succulents and potted plants is reemerging in a big way. First there was the fiddle leaf fig that popped up in every styled home (Which, speaking from experience, isn’t all that easy to keep looking alive and well *waves black thumb*), and now we’re seeing everything from little aloe plants to full-grown cacti and snake plates (seen at the far right of the photo above). Hit up your local nursery or plant market for a few beauties to keep your house feeling lively all through fall.

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Get Moody

Is there anything that evokes a cozy, bundled-up atmosphere more than a moody indigo blue? Probably not. You may associate indigo blue with shibori dyeing, which can feel very summery. However, throw the shade into a room with some nice cognac leather, or a few chunky cream throws and you’ve got yourself a fresh take on trendy deep color. I love the idea of painting a whole room in the shade (Hauge Blue, from Farrow & Ball, is my favorite version and is shown above), but since I’m a renter, that’s not possible (boo!). Instead? I’m hoping to dip-paint the legs of an inherited side table in our living room. You could also paint kitchen cabinets, a headboard, even an inexpensive IKEA shelf! The possibilities are endless.


Buy Brass Everything

But only if that’s your thing, of course. My personal tastes steer me towards metals with warmer tones (like copper, gold and brass) and away from cooler-toned platinum or silver, so the fact that brass is having a moment in the décor world right now really works in my benefit. Dip your toes into the trend by changing out the hardware on a desk or nightstand (Anthro always has great options!) or really go for it with a bigger item—I love brass light fixtures, and Target is coming out with some amazing brass-and-marble floor lamps this fall (keep your eye out!). Brass can instantly warm up your space and is a great way to bring in tonal fall colors into your room without a complete palette overhaul comprised of ORANGE EVERYTHING.


Hunt For Vintage Art

Crisp, bright photography just feels right in the spring and summer months, doesn’t it? I mean who doesn’t want to spend June through August gazing at a gorgeous beach scene—even if it’s from your couch. The antithesis of turquoise waters? Obviously oil paintings of old men, you guys. OK, I’m kidding—but only sort of. I love the antique oil portraits that have been popping up in the projects of some of my favorite designers recently. Plus, they don’t have to be expensive—I’m always seeing tons of similar options at flea markets, and I’d wager to say that they can be found really reasonably online, too. If paintings of strangers that follow you with their eyes isn’t really your thing (But wait, you could even name them!), keep your eye out for a grittier ocean scene or landscape. Something about a darker palette (think grays, blacks, navy, etc.) and the weight of paint just works for fall!


Alyssa is a magazine editor who spends her time eating (and living) in New York City. When she’s not styling shoots and writing copy for Good Housekeeping, she can be found dreaming up content for her lifestyle blog, The Glossy Life, exploring the city, rearranging yet another corner of her apartment or raiding the farmer’s market. Loves Bruce Springsteen, spies, curling up with a good book, a personal block of cheese, crackly old records, exploring new cities and truly believes Mindy Kaling is her spirit animal. Really, she is.


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