Exciting News from the Wandeleur Team!

When we launched nearly 6 months ago, we had high hopes and dreams for Wandeleur. We wanted this site to become a favorite for many; a daily destination to inspire a more colorful life while simultaneously highlighting creative individuals, ideas, and ventures.

Photo via Brittany Townsley

Now, looking back on all the amazing stories that have been on Wandeleur, we’re proud of all that’s been done. We’ve highlighted some of the most inspiring women, shared great how-to’s for the inner “doer” in us all, and tapped into how a creative lifestyle plays into helping you aspire + inspire. We hope that you agree – Wandeleur is a place where the extraordinary is found in the every day. And we hope that it’s been a source of continual motivation for you. 

Speaking of motivation, we’re humbled and moved by the traction that this site has gained thus far. We’d like to take a moment to thank all those who have shared our stories and continually return to read Wandeleur, because you are the fuel to the fire that keeps us going. In fact, we’re not only continuing to write and create for this site, but we’re growing

Photo via Ashley Holstein

We’re happy to announce the addition of a new co-founder – Maya McDonald. She is the fabulous creator behind Charmingly Styled, a personal friend to co-founders Emily and Blair, and is a talented social media professional, writer, photographer and blogger. She’s been helping with content on the site for months now, and we’re excited to officially call her the third leg of our trifecta in making Wandeleur all that we dream for it to be. 

In even more exciting news, we’ve officially added a team of editors to help bring content that is continually refreshing and unique. This talented group of ladies was hand-picked by us for their boundless creativity in their personal spaces online, and we can’t wait to feature their ideas and insights regularly on Wandeleur. Welcome aboard Lauren, Alyssa, Megan, Ashlei and Ana!

Photo via Helene Sua

Be sure to swing by our new Meet The Team page to learn more about the co-founders and editors. And, be sure to keep following along every day as we bring you inspiration for a colorful life! 

All imagery taken from the #WandeleurSpark hashtag. Share your inspiring moments with us on social media! 

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