Everyday tips for going green

10 (Easy) Everyday Hacks To Go Green

Happy Earth Day! While we wish we could say that we practice green living 100% of the time, the truth is that…well, we don’t. Everyday life gets in the way and it’s oh-so easy to fall into easy, mindless habits that aren’t the most environmentally friendly. Even typing this makes us sad, but let’s be honest, the first step in changing something is recognizing there’s an issue in the first place. So, there, we said it. We’re not green enough and need to be better. We have a feeling there are a few of you out there who can relate.

Easy ways to go green

While we’d love to start a compost pile or harvest our own organic vegetables, we just don’t see that within our reality anytime soon. (Maybe one day!) Change is hard, and changing habits can be even harder, which is why we’ve compiled 10 easy, everyday life hacks to be more green in our lives. 

Drinking tap water, everyday tips for going green


10. Drink Tap

Here’s a fact: tap water and bottled water are generally comparable  in terms of safety. While grabbing a bottled water is convenient when you’re on the go, try as often as you can to ditch the bottle and go with a reusable one that you’ll refill day after day. 

Here are some adorable options if you’re in need of a new reusable water bottle! We especially love ones where you can infuse some lemon, cucumber or mint flavor into the mix. Feeling odd about drinking unfiltered water from the tap? There are now reusable bottles that filter as you go

9. Halt the Running Water

Guilty of leaving the water running while you’re brushing your teeth or prepping to hop into the shower? Us too. By simply turning off the water when you’re not actively using it, you can save more than you’d ever imagine.

The same rule applies to generally taking shorter showers. While we understand that letting warm water run over you is therapeutic and feels so good sometimes, keep in mind that you’re being wasteful while doing so. 

8. Turn It Off

…The light switch, that is. When you leave a room or your home, make sure that lights are off. It’s the same premise as turning off running water when you’re not using it. It may not seem like it’s not doing much harm to leave it on, but every little bit counts.


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