Destination: Weekend Getaway

Sometimes, you’ve had enough. Life deals you a crazy hand between work, personal obligations and never ending to-do lists, and the thought of a repeat week without a mini break is so not appealing.

When those moments strike, as they often do, we’re big proponents of doing the opposite of what everyone else tells you. Don’t keep trucking, avoid putting the pen to paper, cancel all your plans, and definitely stop stressing.

Nope, we don’t recommend getting it all done. We recommend you have a weekend getaway.

Just go. Somewhere close, somewhere different, somewhere you’ve never been. Anywhere will do – it can be a cabin in the serene woods, a bustling new city or a one-horse town with little to do.

Not sure where to start? No worries about that, either. We started for you with the below list of things to consider.

Wild youth


Drive, Don’t Fly

We’re proponents of taking breaks, not breaking the bank. Last minute flights tend to skyrocket to absurd limits, so instead of throwing your last paycheck out the window, opt for driving instead. If you have a car, great. If you don’t, borrow or rent one.

Keep It Short

We all know that half the journey is getting there, but the destination won’t feel as liberating if you spend your whole weekend behind the wheel. Keep your trip to 3 – 4 hours travel time, max. This way you can still leave work on Friday, travel, and enjoy some relaxation or a great meal you first night there. Plus, your Sunday return won’t feel quite as daunting if your drive time is (relatively) quick.

One helpful way to pick a place is to draw a “travel time radius” on a map, and go from there. Anything outside of that radius is too far, and anything inside is fair game. You’ll be surprised at where a few hours can take you!

Pack Small

The point is to forget your obligations, and packing is definitely a stress that should be included. Don’t worry about how you’ll look and throw the first things you see in your closet into a duffel bag. Just don’t leave behind the necessities like your toothbrush or soap. We’ll take credit for a relaxed you, but not a smelly one.

Use Your Resources

Do you have a friend in a place close by that you haven’t seen in a while? Perhaps it’s time for a visit. Does a family member have a second house or apartment they’re not using? Definitely call them up and ask for a favor. Another option is to rent from local hosts, like Air B&B or VRBO, as these are typically more cost effective than a hotel. Or, why not pamper yourself and go all out with a nice hotel room? You deserve it, after all.

Travel with Great Companions

Whether your significant other or best friend, choose wisely. This getaway is for you, and that means surrounding yourself with people who will help to make it one that’s enjoyable. Keep in mind that this could absolutely mean traveling alone. (In fact, we dare you to do it.)

Wing It

Avoid planning too much or filling your days with lots of things to do, even if you’re traveling to somewhere in which the options are plenty. Just get there, go with the flow, and let the weekend take you where it will. This will allow you to truly get into the mind frame of letting go, and it will also lead you to experiences you may not have had otherwise.


Feeling a little guilty about putting off your obligations for an impromptu mental health vaca? Don’t. All your to-do’s will still be there in a few days, patiently waiting for your return. The only difference between doing the work now and doing it later is that you will be in a better state if you give yourself the break you deserve.

Life is for living, after all, and particularly when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, taking a mini break can be the best thing for you. Now all you have to do is get up and go.


Liz Schneider

This post is inspiring me to be more spontaneous. Sometimes unplanned escapes are exactly what you need! Once the weather warms up I need to take advantage of all of the amazing quick getaways around Chicago.

Kelly in the City

Travel is amazing for the mind… and you’re totally right: It doesn’t have to break the bank. I definitely prefer driving over flying, too. It allows for so much more freedom! Leave when you want, come back when you want, and stop where you want. It also provides for great bonding time. One of my favorite trips ever was a drive from NYC to Key West. Long, but amazing!

Kelly | Kelly in the City


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