7 Decorating Tips For Creating a Thoughtful Home

The biggest mistake when I got my first apartment was buying too much stuff to fill the empty space. Yes, it was nice that our little place look lived in and full, but I purchased pieces I didn’t love or that didn’t have any meaning to me. A year later I found myself regretting some of those purchases and wishing I had just waited until I found something I actually liked.

Our home today is a far cry from that first place. While it’ll never truly be finished in my eyes, it’s filled with things that remind me of specific times in our lives, from places we’ve been and pieces that I simply love.

It takes time to create a home that’s layered with thoughtful, meaningful pieces and that’s why it’s never truly complete! Decorating is a process and should evolve as you and your life do. The good news is that it’s never too early or too late to start cultivating a home that reflects who you are.

Collect Things With Meaning

A piece of art from a place you visited or a piece handed down from your great-aunt. I love pieces like these because they evoke memories and feelings from that moment or from that person.

Quit Buying Stuff to Have Stuff

I understand wanting to have a place that looks lived in and full, but before you know it, you’ll have a mountain of stuff you don’t love and regret purchasing so much of it in the first place. So think twice before you go purchasing stuff.



Buy Things You Love…

Seems like a no-brainer, but too often we buy stuff, bring it home and wonder why the heck we bought it. If you’re on the fence, don’t buy it and if you’re still thinking about it a few days later, chances are you really do love it. Then it’s time to head back to the store.

… And Put Them on a Pedestal

That photo of your grandmother when she’s camping in the woods at ten years old? If it’s something you love looking at, show it off! Why not put it in a frame and hang it on the wall where you can see it. These pieces tell a story that an Etsy print can’t.

Think Before Your Purchase

Does the piece fit into your style? Will it blend well with everything else in your home? I always find that if I love something, I’ll find a place for it, but I always go through this scenario before purchasing because sometimes it’s simply not a good fit.



Rearrange Often

Don’t think that just because you hung something in one spot means it has to stay there forever. Moving things around and rearranging is the quickest way to give your home a fresh feel.

Be Okay With Change

At some point in your life, your style is bound to change. My decorating style has evolved so much in the past few years and I imagine it will continue to evolve as we get older. So, when you fall out of love with a piece, be okay with giving it a new home, donating it or putting it in storage for a bit.

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D is for Dreamer

That tip you have about putting the things you love on a pedestal really resonates with me. I don’t do this enough! So often I’ll opt to hang a cute art print instead of a meaningful family portrait. I’ll be more conscious about that in the future.



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