Acknowledge Your Commitment to Yourself

A few weeks ago, I was settling into a yoga class and my teacher said something that really struck me. Amongst the usual, “Let go of your day” and “Allow yourself to just be here in the moment” guidance, he also said “Acknowledge your commitment to yourself.” I connected with that throughout class, but I continued to connect with it outside of class and in my daily life.


As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that taking time for yourself can be viewed as negative, sometimes synonymous with selfish or high maintenance. But why? Doesn’t that seem unfair? Isn’t personal growth something that we should strive for? I believe that there is value in taking care of our bodies, expanding our minds, and opening ourselves up to new possibilities and opportunities to learn. 

Sure, some people have this down. And other people are naturally care-free and never get stressed. Some don’t need to workout to stay in shape. Some are 100% comfortable with the way they look. And some don’t need a lot of sleep! The bottom line is that we are all different and we all need different things to be our most confident and happy selves. We also all get excited and inspired by different things. It’s all about finding what you respond to.

Yoga happens to be my “thing” that helps me stay balanced and open. I mostly work from home, so sometimes I feel guilty about taking a break away from work and my blog to go to class – but ever since my teacher described it as a commitment to myself, I’ve let go of the guilt more and more. Why should we feel guilty about taking the time to feed our mind, body and spirit? Wouldn’t that make us better friends, better employees and better partners?


So, how do you know what you need? And how do you find the time to make it happen? Since I’m figuring it out (just like you!) my only advice is this: don’t be afraid to put yourself above everything else for a little bit. Try it! Enroll in that class you’ve been curious about. Take the time to get some groceries and learn how to make a nutritious dinner if you haven’t had a home cooked meal in a while. Schedule workouts into your week, and if they don’t line up with social plans, ask to meet your friends for brunch a half hour later than they suggested so you can do both. Turn the light off and go to bed if you’re exhausted. Do something creative! Learn a new skill! If doing any or all of these things makes you feel more calm, confident, strong or capable – keep doing it.  You deserve to be a priority. After all, only by nourishing yourself can you nourish others.

About The Author: Lauren Nolan is a food and fashion blogger based in Chicago. On Lake Shore Lady, you can find her step-by-step recipes and cooking videos for the foodies; as well as personal style posts and shopping tips for the fashion obsessed. Lauren is a big fan of pizza, yoga, and all things girly.


Lauren Nolan

Yes yes yes! It’s not just about giving yourself a pass – it’s about giving yourself what you need to be a better and happier person!
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