Forget not, building relationships and embracing personal growth is one of the most important ways to channel an inspired lifestyle. We believe that the fruits of your labor don’t have to result in a tangible masterpiece to hang, photograph to share, or room to admire. They also lie in the memory of a day well spent, story that changed your perspective, or moments of you time. After all, the “what” of creativity is all fine and well, but it’s truly the “Who” that makes a life well lived.

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Tips for going green

10 (Easy) Everyday Hacks To Go Green

BY: Emily Charron | Comments

While we’d love to start a compose pile or harvest our own organic vegetables, we just don’t see that within our reality anytime soon. (Maybe one day!) Change is hard, and changing habits can be even harder, which is why we’ve compiled 10 easy, everyday life hacks to be more green in our lives.

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