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Hidden Secrets of Oil Cleansing

BY: Emily Charron | Comments

After hearing of benefits ranging from hydration to avoiding skin irritants like fragrances, we were intrigued at just how effective this route could be. Intrigued, yet cautious. If oil cleansing was that effective, why is all the chatter just now catching on? (Or, was it just that we never noticed it?)


Jenny Bernheim

BY: Wandeleur | Comments

Jenny Bernheim is the blogger behind Margo and Me. With millions of fashion blogs out there, Jenny manages to cut through the noise and stand out with her enviable style and unique approach to each article. Here she shares how to create captivating fashion-based imagery & what travel experience inspired her most.


Try Your Hand At Abstract Acrylic Painting

BY: Blair Staky | Comments

Let me start this by saying that I was not formally trained as an artist. Secondly, that definitely doesn’t mean you can’t become a stellar painter! After browsing Pinterest one day, I decided that I was going to paint my own large piece of abstract art for my living room.


Host a Beer Tasting Party

BY: Blair Staky | Comments

Beer. What comes to mind? If you’re like most people, “Men” and “Sports” are among the top of the list. It’s not that women don’t like beer – there are plenty who even prefer it – but a gathering focused around brews to share is typically associated with touchdowns and cheering from our testosterone-driven counterparts.