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Marisa and Bianca of Birdies Slippers

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We’re thrilled to introduce Marisa and Bianca of Birdies Slippers, stylish slippers for the home! As co-founders of this new stylish line, Marisa and Bianca recently launched their slippers in November …

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5 (Easy!) Braided Hairstyles for Summer

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Ah, beautiful weather. With June here to kick off sunshine, there’s no time like the present to play around with hairstyles that channel summer vibes. We grabbed a few essentials …

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How Yoga Can Make You More Creative

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Ahhhh, the ever painful creative rut. You’ve had it, I’ve had it, we’ve all definitely had our fair share of creative road blocks from time to time. The hardest part …

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What’s In Our Workout Bag

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This post was sponsored by Meijer and all opinions are our own! Thanks for supporting the brands that make Wandeleur possible! Between 9-5’s, balancing blogs and trying to squeeze a …

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Fresh Faced Tips For Spring

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This post was sponsored by Meijer and all opinions are our own! Thanks for supporting the brands that make Wandeleur possible! T-minus 2 more days until it’s officially spring (and …

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Champagne Color Study

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We’re excited to introduce another new series to Wandeleur – our monthly color study featuring the talented blogger and writer, Erin of Color Me Styled! While we adore all colors, …

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Tips to stay creative all day long

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You know the feeling, it’s 2:30 and although your day is half way over you’re creatively drained. Sure, you’d like to power through work 12 hours a day, but keeping …

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Rachel LeBeau of Heart Magazine

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You know what kind of women we love? The kind that have the courage to take an idea and turn it into reality. That’s exactly why we love Heart founder Rachel …

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#WandeleurSpark Instagram Challenge: Balloons

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Photo via Grey Malin Happy Friday! We’re excited to introduce a new series on Wandeleur that’s all about community participation. Every month, we’ll be releasing an Instagram challenge to help spark fresh …

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Tana Gandhi – Photographer + Blogger

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If you think she’s just another great photographer, think again. Tana Gandhi is more than that. She’s the type of photographer who produces photos that make you stop. Stare. Feel. Come …

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Laura Hooper of Laura Hooper Calligraphy

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The art of calligraphy is something that, in today’s technology-driven world, is becoming all too rare. We are excited to introduce you to Laura Hooper, who has not only perfected calligraphy …

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Happy Holidays from Wandeleur

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#WandeleurSpark via Juliana Summers  ‘Tis the season to be thankful and joyous, and our Wandeleur team is both of these and more! We’re thankful for so many things: All the support shown …


#WandeleurSpark: Holiday Style Edition

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Happy holidays, Wandeleurs! We don’t know about you, but we’re extra excited to kick off the holidays this week!  If you’ve been following along on our Instagram, you already know …

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Bari Ackerman of Bari J Designs

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This self-taught artist is a lover of color and is the founder of “Curated Maximalism.” Join as we learn how she became a painter and why more is most definitely more.


The Best Cyber Monday Deals

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It’s the internet’s favorite day of the year, and we can’t wait to take advantage of every shopping deal possible. Below, we’ve rounded up the best of the best on …

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Meg of MegMade

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We’re excited to introduce you to the amazingly talented Meg Piercy of MegMade, a Chicago furniture store that takes beautiful, antique pieces and gives them new life. So far, Meg …


Discover Crater Lake in Oregon

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Few previous-posts-clicks back Maya shared her adventurous and relaxed Weekend Oregon Road Trip to inspire you to discover the Beaver State, which abounds with diverse nature, deep green forests, mountains, lakes …

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Melanie Norris – Portrait Painter

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You know those people who have a talent so profound that it’s almost incomprehensible? “How do they do that?!” you think in awe. Melanie Norris is one of those people. This …

Essentials of applying foundation

Essential Foundation Tips For Beginners

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Foundation is an essential part of many women’s everyday routine, whether it is worn during the day or to a special evening event. However not everyone knows the basics of applying …


Jaimie Myers, Illustrator and Creative Director

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We’re so excited to introduce you to the queen of creativity, Jaimie Myers! Whether she’s painting gorgeous watercolors for her Etsy store, creative directing work for The Inner Wild, or …

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Must Reads + Posts to Bookmark

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Happy Halloween! As you prepare your costume for tonight’s festivities, we figured you may need a little pleasant reading. (Psst – if you’re still in need of a costume, check …


To Snapchat or Not To Snapchat?

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I know what you’re thinking. Not another social media platform to keep up with. I admittedly thought the same thing when seeing “Follow me on Snapchat!” pop up everywhere from Instagram profiles …

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Rikita Kapadia of Cocovít

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As all natural beauty lovers, we’re beyond excited to introduce you to Rikita Kapadia of skincare line, Cocovít! Not only does Rikita make some of the most incredible skincare products …

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The Best French Girl Beauty Secrets

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Why is it that the French always look so chic? From looking effortlessly chic 24/7 to never seeming to age, the French really have it right. Luckily for us, the …


Alana and Rachel of Phyllis + Rosie

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We’re constantly inspired by women who make their lifelong dreams into realities, which happened with the dynamic duo of Alana and Rachel of jewelry brand Phyllis + Rosie. After working …

Colorful Shoes Unlock your creative potential

September :: Highlights From Last Month

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Well, friends, another one bites the dust. The month of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, apple orchards and pumpkin carving is among us, and we can’t wait for all the goodness October …

Fall Flower Bouquet

Ready to #WandeleurSpark?

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It’s featured on our homepage and all over our social accounts. #WandeleurSpark is what we corral behind, and we’re so happy to see that thousands of you have joined in on …


Maia McDonald Smith of Bitte

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Maia McDonald Smith is a woman of talents – be it graphic design, photography, to a building creative and meaningful business – she can do it all (and does so …

Sammy And Nat Baby Clothing

Samantha Benson of Sammy & Nat

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Samantha Benson started her career in fashion as she helped Michael Kors grow to be a global brand, and then left to start her own baby clothing line Sammy and Nat. Read on for insight into how this entrepreneur channeled her experience in fashion to grow her own company, and the best advice that she ever got.


August :: Highlights From Last Month

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Another month over, and another one beginning. Does anyone else feel like September is a time full of new starts? Summer is always crazy, but with fall comes a fresh beginning, …

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Amanda Diedrich of Blohaute

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We’re excited to share the incredible entrepreneurial story of Amanda Diedrich, the founder of Blohaute! As the founder of a premier on-demand hair styling service in Chicago, Amanda wears many hats, including the …


Exciting News from the Wandeleur Team!

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When we launched nearly 6 months ago, we had high hopes and dreams for Wandeleur. We wanted this site to become a favorite for many; a daily destination to inspire …


Margaret O’Leary – Knitwear Designer

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We’re thrilled to interview Margaret O’Leary, the inspiring owner of the gorgeous knitwear line, Margaret O’Leary! As a coveted designer, Margaret’s pieces represent the best of the West Coast’s Casual …

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A Weekend Oregon Road Trip

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 A few weeks back I shared a few of my favorite spots from my latest trip to Portland, Oregon, but there just wasn’t enough room to share every moment that …

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Cassandra Monroe – U.S. Soldier Turned Photographer and Blogger

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As a U.S. soldier turned professional photographer and blogger, Cassandra Monroe is a woman worth saluting. Read on for her take on how military life has influenced her creatively, tips for taking a great photo, and a letter to her 18 year old self with some important reminders for women.


A Virtual Trip to the Joshua Tree

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We adore this editorial shoot by the incredibly talented Alex Harper, a L.A. based lifestyle, editorial and headshot photographer. Recently, she and her gorgeous friend Rachel took a little photography …

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Step Inside: A Tour of the White House

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For the first time in 40 years, the White House lifted its ban on tourist photography. Welcome inside the most famous house in America – we’ve got a visual White House tour just for you.

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Jean Batthany – Creative Director at DDB Chicago

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Jean Batthany, Creative Director at DDB Chicago, was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Creative Women in Advertising and is a recipient of the Advertising Working Mothers of the Year award. Here she shares advice on how to think of new ideas, balancing work while raising a family, and what it takes to be an effective leader.

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Nastasia Wong of Dame Traveler

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Nastasia Wong is the founder behind the popular Instagram account, Dame Traveler. Here, she shares her creative insight, travel inspirations, and how to build a popular following from scratch.

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Summer Thornton – Luxury Interior Designer

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Summer Thornton’s work has been featured in Traditional Home, Domino, House Beautiful, and she’s even graced the cover of Today’s Chicago Woman. Read on as we dive into her thoughts on the best color combination to use right now, where she goes for inspiration, and why you should start saying “No” to beige.

Caroline Curtin McGah of Lovely Paper Things — via @Wandeleur

Caroline Curtin McGah of Lovely Paper Things

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Caroline Curtin McGah is the talented designer behind the “boutique hooray & yay studio,” Lovely Paper Things. It’s here that she creates stunning, hand-made wedding invitations designed especially for each …


The Perfect Excuse to Buy Fresh Flowers

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Fresh flowers smell great and look beautiful, but the expense sometimes seems unjustifiable. After doing a bit of research on the health benefits of fresh flowers, we’ve decided that they might just be worth the splurge!

Rachel Wilkerson Miller

Rachel Wilkerson Miller – Senior Lifestyle Editor at Buzzfeed

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As Senior Lifestyle Editor at Buzzfeed, Rachel Wilkerson Miller knows great content. In this interview, we uncovered tips on overcoming writer’s block and advice for those starting out in Journalism while stepping into the Buzzfeed text kitchen to see what everyday life is like with Rachel.

Venetian Pool, Best things to do in miami

An Adventure-Lover’s Guide To Miami

BY: Emily Charron | Comments

For those who love to experience everything from popular attractions to sites just off the beaten path, this guide is a culmination of the top 6 places to visit in Miami, perfect for those looking to experience the city and its surrounding areas with a little adventure infused throughout.

dancer stephanie paul, be the groove, chicago choreographer, wandeleur

Stephanie Paul of Be The Groove

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Dancer Stephanie Paul of Be The Groove has been dancing since childhood, living out her passion as an adult by choreographing, teaching and performing. Here, she shares what keeps her moving, why fearlessness and subtlety work together, and why she wishes cassette tapes were still a thing.

Creative gifts for mothers day

Creative Gifts Your Mom Will (Actually!) Love

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to show your favorite woman just how much you love her. If you’re in our camp that getting her something fun, surprising, and perhaps a bit eclectic is the way to go, we’ve got the best round up to arm you with creative gifts for Mother’s Day.

Tips for going green

10 (Easy) Everyday Hacks To Go Green

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While we’d love to start a compose pile or harvest our own organic vegetables, we just don’t see that within our reality anytime soon. (Maybe one day!) Change is hard, and changing habits can be even harder, which is why we’ve compiled 10 easy, everyday life hacks to be more green in our lives.

Best creative lifestyle websites

Wanted: Your Feedback!

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We’re pinching ourselves over here, because next week marks the official 2 month anniversary of Wandeleur. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!  We work oh-so hard behind the …


Finding, Following & Rocking Your Passion

BY: Caroline Curtin McGah | Comments

Maybe you’ve always tinkered with the idea of rocking a creative hobby or career, but you just don’t know quite how to jump in and try it out! Well sweetie, it’s easier than you think to sprout your creative wings! Check out these five fun steps to finding your creative passion!


Hallie Wilson of Corals + Cognacs

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Hallie Wilson of Corals + Cognacs is a blogger, entrepreneur and SoulCycle instructor whose writing style is one that we personally admire for its fresh and real approach. Join as we chat about everything from keeping content fresh to being a “Yes” person.

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Blending In Can Be a Good Thing

BY: Caroline Petraitis | Comments

I like the limelight. A lot. So it makes sense I am most comfortable when I am the only woman in a room full of guys. They focus their attention on me. Plus, we talk sports, which is something my girlfriends don’t really enjoy doing.

flybarre chicago, flybarre workout at home, get healthy at home, home workout, wandeleur

6 Moves to Get You Bikini Ready

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Since the summer is right around the corner, we’re sharing this FlyBarre at home workout so you can get bikini ready in your own time!

Updated Kunst Feature photo

Sarah Kunst – Venture Investor & Startup Executive

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Her accolades include being a partner at Fortis Partners, board member for Venture for America, writer at and The Daily Beast, contributing editor at Marie Claire, and has been named a Business Insider 30 Under 30. Join as we step inside the mind of this fabulous business woman who’s making strides in the venture capitalist & technology industries.

paige foley, paige thompson, folisi design studio, freelance graphic designer, logo design, wandeleur

Paige Thompson of Folisi Design Studio

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Meet Paige Thompson of Folisi Design Studio — a gifted graphic and web designer residing in Nashville. Paige is a creative through and through and when she’s not conceptualizing amazing logos and designs for clients, you can find her drawing, painting, decorating, or spending time with her husband and fluffy golden doodle, Gunner.


Step Inside the Life of Gaby Burger

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Lifestyle blogger Gaby Burger of The Vault Files has a knack for DIY projects and inspires us to live a healthier, more well-rounded life. Here, we dive into her passions, what it’s like living outside of the country you grew up in, and why surrounding yourself with positive people is important.

Wedding photography, advice for marriage

Marriage, Take II :: Advice Learned The First Time Around

BY: Emily Charron | Comments

It’s true that the best people to give advice are those who’ve been through an experience first hand. So, with marriage on our mind, we thought it would be oh-so insightful to reach out to people who’ve been through a divorce for their advice on making it work a second time around. Here are their interesting, honest, and thought-provoking answers.

diy geo painting, diy for your home, diy abstract painting, wandeleur

DIY Geo Painting

BY: Lily McNamara | Comments

Turns out, creating a modern day masterpiece is as easy as this 4 step DIY. Get started channeling your inner Picasso, because you’re about to make some fabulous art!


3 Tips for Being a Great Networker

BY: Jenn Lake | Comments

Being a great networker takes practices, but there are tricks to keep in mind that’ll help you become a pro at it faster. Here are three pieces of advice from Jenn Lake, Vice President of Zapwater Communications.


Jenn Lake of Zapwater Communications

BY: Wandeleur | Comments

Jann Lake, Vice President of Zapwater Communications, dives into advice for getting a new brand noticed, the secrets to a great PR pitch, and why vintage clothes make up the most well respected items in her closet.


9 Guy-Friendly Bedrooms

BY: Blair Staky | Comments

Congratulations! That magical 4-word, relationship altering question has been asked. No, “Will you marry me” isn’t what we’re referencing, although that’s no doubt the holy grail of initiatives. “Want to move in?” is what’s on our mind, which is a step that we can all agree is equal parts exciting and nerve wrecking.

what to see in dubai, what to do in dubai, dubai hotspots, dubai city tour, chic flavours, wandeleur

Dubai Like You’ve Never Seen

BY: Soraya Pena | Comments

Join as we go on a visual tour of Dubai like you’ve never seen. Soraya Pena takes us on a journey to the world’s tallest building & Dubai Miracle Garden, among many other treasures!