Ready to #WandeleurSpark?

It’s featured on our homepage and all over our social accounts. #WandeleurSpark is what we corral behind, and we’re so happy to see that thousands of you have joined in on using it on Instagram! (Seriously, we’re beyond flattered.) 

But for all those that are using it, we know there’s lots of new eyes on this site, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce #WandeleurSpark for those that may not be familiar with it. Why? Because our hashtag is a party, and everyone’s invited!

Streets-of-Portugual_Top Hashtags to use
#WandeleurSpark via Charmingly Styled
Good-Things-Coming_Top Hashtags to Use on Instagram
#WandeleurSpark via Shanley Cox

So, what is it all about? The answer is simple: Inspiration. #WandeleurSpark is all about sharing what makes you aspire + inspire. They’re the moments where you’re bursting with creativity, see a sight that leaves you in awe, or even the times when a simple day fuels your soul. The hashtag is for the photos in which you can’t wait to upload so that you can share a little moment of your world with like-minded people who also love visual inspiration. 

We love to take the photos that we find exceptional and share them on our channels. It’s such a fun way to build the Wandeleur community and highlight the people who, like us, love sharing the colorful moments of life. 

Fall Flowers from @Wandeleur
#WandeleurSpark via Party Prep Workshop
#WandeleurSpark via Pretty & Profesh

Scrolling through the hashtag and seeing the amazing creativity that many of you have shared is a favorite past time of ours. If you haven’t yet explored all that the Wandeleur readers have attached the hashtag to, you definitely should.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve, and are always looking for new photos to highlight on our channels, so get posting! 

Header #WandeleurSpark photos via Hel On Heels & Isn’t That Charming


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