Emily works in digital advertising at one of Chicago’s top agencies, and is the creator behind the life + style blog Isn’t That Charming. She loves great Instagram opportunities, dreams of Paris, starts the week with fresh flowers, never turns down a glass of wine, thinks good conversation is an art, and is half-way through her goal of visiting every state in America. Though she lives and plays in the skyscrapers of the city with her husband Doug and newborn daughter Gracie, she firmly believes that the coastal towns of Michigan are some of the best places on earth.

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Maya McDonald is a stylish social media pro living out her dreams in Chicago. When she’s not creating content for brands, she can be found penning Charmingly Styled, Wandeleur and writing for a variety of magazines. She adores all-natural beauty, farmers’ markets, and traveling the world for the best latte (she’ll let you know when she finds it!).

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Blair is a personal style and lifestyle blogger currently residing in the Chicago neigbhorhood of Streeterville with her husband, Rob and their shiba inu, Oliver. She writes about personal style, fashion, interior design, food, travel and bits of everyday life. By day, Blair works as a WordPress blog designer helping stylish bloggers build their dream website and grow their personal brands. In her spare time, she paints abstract art, cooks, travels — preferably to Europe, and works on her photography skills.

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Lauren Nolan is a food and fashion blogger based in Chicago, On Lake Shore Lady, you can find her step-by-step recipes and cooking videos for the foodies; as well as personal style posts and shopping tips for the fashion obsessed. She believes that all women should feel good about themselves when they get dressed in the morning, no matter how “stylish” you think you are. Lauren is a big fan of pizza, yoga and all things girly.

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Alyssa is a magazine editor who spends her time eating (and living) in New York City. When she’s not styling shoots and writing copy for Good Housekeeping, she can be found dreaming up content for her lifestyle blog, The Glossy Life, exploring the city, rearranging yet another corner of her apartment or raiding the farmer’s market. Loves Bruce Springsteen, spies, curling up with a good book, a personal block of cheese, crackly old records, exploring new cities and truly believes Mindy Kaling is her spirit animal. Really, she is.

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Megan Patterson is a Chicago based fashion & lifestyle blogger over at Sparkles and Sprinkles. Inspired by DIY projects and sweet treats, Megan hopes to inspire young women to share their personal sparkle in today’s world.

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Ashlei is the creative director of Kinks are the new Pink, a lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring & guiding women to style life their own way. To her, style is more than how you dress, do your hair, or decorate your apartment – it’s about how you relate and create in every area of life. In her spare time she enjoys diving into a variety of passions including writing, reading, eating (preferably with a glass of wine or tumbler of bourbon), traveling, and working on her photography skills. She’s a soon-to-be Mrs. and resides in Chicago with her fiance, DCT, and 3 (yes, 3) cats.

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Ana has been working in online marketing with creative agencies and brands such as Apple, EA and 20th Century Fox for 8 years before she moved from Germany to San Francisco and started pursuing a more creative path in graphic design, photography and writing.

Her blog, Fluxi On Tour, became a regular destination for readers interested in insider travel tips and delicious recipes.
Ana is a regular contributor to 7×7 and her work has been published on SELFMagazine.com, RUE Magazine, Sister Magazine, 12HRS Guide, SF Girl By Bay among many other online publications.

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