9 Reasons Why Taking A Vacation Makes You Better At Work

Are you a chronic workaholic? While business owners and other employers are beginning to understand the importance of taking time off, the average American still underutilizes vacation time. Only 25 percent of Americans use all their vacation days, while the rest often allow unused ones to expire. It’s time to turn these numbers around, because taking time off actually has a number of merits – particularly with regard to workplace productivity.


9. Stress Is Bad for Success

You may think you’re doing your job a disservice by taking vacation time. Actually, it’s the opposite. If you never give yourself a break, you’re doing both yourself and your workplace a massive disservice. When 80 percent of American workers feel stressed out on the job, it’s clear something’s amiss – especially when you take into account how many people suffer from medical conditions like high blood pressure and sleep disorders due to stress. 

8. Well-Rested People Are More Productive

When we’re stressed, we need to rest. Spending too many hours at work means we don’t sleep enough, and lack of sleep is one of the best indicators of workplace burnout. Researchers have shown that vacations have similar positive effects as getting enough sleep. In another study, Ernst & Young found that its employees’ performance ratings improved by 8 percent for each additional 10 hours of vacation time they took.

7. According to the Stats, Europe Has It Right

In much of the European Union, workers have mandatory vacation time. In fact, workers in some of the smallest countries, like Belgium and the Netherlands, have around 30 paid vacation days and are almost 2 percent more productive than the United States. Meanwhile, Luxembourg offers a 32-day paid vacation allowance and is a staggering 27 percent more efficient.



I totally agree. I had a stressful office situation that felt like it was getting out of control. Luckily, I had planned a vacation and by the time I got back to work my mind frame was totally different. I am all about those vacays!

xo Annie


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