3 Jewelry Tips – For Any Budget

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3 jewelry tips — via @Wandeleur
Spring is HERE and that means the hats and chunky sweaters come off…. which makes putting jewelry ON way more fun! But despite the season, my favorite thing about accessorizing with jewelry is that you can play along on any budget. It doesn’t matter if you’re able to spend $1,000 or $10, you can still try out these 3 fun styling tips!
3 jewelry tips — via @Wandeleur
1. Wear silver and gold together! Mixing metals isn’t a no no in my book, especially when you have pieces that are clean and simple in design.  
3 jewelry tips — via @Wandeleur
2. Don’t be afraid of tassels! Move over bib necklaces, tassels are everywhere this year! They’re also super easy to style – I’m picturing this one with a flow-y top for an easy breezy spring look.
3 jewelry tips — via @Wandeleur
3. Accessorize your sleeves! You know those days that aren’t quite warm enough for short sleeves and tank tops? That doesn’t mean you can’t show off your bangles and cuffs! Just wear them over your sleeves so they still get the attention they deserve.
All these pieces are available at Meijer for super affordable prices – so you’ll have plenty of cash left in your spring budget for sundresses, summer concerts and cocktails on pretty patios. Now we just need the warm nights – come on, Spring!
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