10 Ways To Bring More Zen Into Your Day

It is far too easy to get caught up in the stress of the day. We tend to go at 100% from the moment we wake up, until our head hits the pillow in anticipation of what tomorrow could bring. We pause and replay the overwhelming to-do list in our heads over and over. I don’t care what everyone says; I think Beyoncé has an extra few hours in her day.

Stress quickly becomes a snow ball of epic proportions throughout the day and the domino effect of “why me” can really get you down. Do yourself a favor and take some time to chill out throughout your day, slow down and re-focus. Here are ten easy tips to make your day a little more zen.

Bring more zen into your day

10. Sleep

A good night’s sleep can be your best friend in the morning and does wonders for your skin. Hit the sheets early when you can and get the full eight hours. No one ever regrets a serious REM and you won’t either. Prep for your rest by developing a good routine like reading your favorite book before shuteye. You will wake fully ready to take on your day without feeling rushed and haggard. 

9. Plan Ahead

Before closing up shop, take 15 minutes to go over your next day’s agenda. This will help you avoid surprises and will make you feel prepared. Do what you can the night before, picking out an outfit or pre-making your lunch will save you a headache in the morning.

8. Eat Well

When you eat bad, you feel bad. Making good food choices will bring you some peace of mind throughout your day. You will feel in control of yourself even if everything is going haywire around you. Stay energized and focused with healthy snacks during the day such as almonds or fruit. Keep some options at your desk or in your bag for easy access and no excuses!

Stop and smell the flowers

7. Step Outside

Know when you need a break and take it. Even if for only five minutes, getting some fresh air can turn your day around. Avoid water cooler work venting and take some time for yourself. You will be able to regain your thoughts and think with a clear mind. The issue that got you so fired up might not seem as terrible after a quick chat with Mother Nature.

6. Less Caffeine, More Tea

Although caffeine can gear you up for the day, it can also bring on a lot of anxiety. After your morning joe, stick to the calming properties of tea. The herbal aroma alone will bring you a spa feeling even just for a moment. Opt for green or chamomile to sip on from 9 to 5.

5. Peppermint Oil

This sweet smell has the power to bring you back down to earth instantly. Pick up a little bottle of this zen power house and keep it on hand. When you need a little pick-me-up put the oil behind your ears and under your nose, a few deep breaths later and you will be on could nine.


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